该项目是由 C. F. Møller Architects 设计,位于丹麦。目的是将原有污染的工业场所改建为现代的和可持续发展的新城市公园。


Masterplan for the conversion of a polluted industrial site into a new, modern and sustainable urban area.

The plan is for a transformation which exploits former and current remains and limitations to create the offset for tomorrow’s urban nature. The vision shows how yesterday’s landfill, and today’s mixed and run down industrial site can become a modern and sustainable town part.

The site’s prerequisites, location, historic traces, fragmented ownership, and current state are the foundation for the pragmatic layout of the masterplan. The existing qualities are enhanced, and potential risks turned into advantages, to ensure social, economic and environmental sustainability in a long term implementation within an undefined timeframe.

The consequences of the polluted landfill are turned into a positive asset, by creating ‘blue town squares’ – urban wetland spaces, to handle and purify surface run-off. The complicated ownership structure and mosaic-like plot divisions result in an additive and interesting urban fabric, and new cycle and pedestrian connections give citizens better urban spaces and faster access to the surrounding nature reserves.

The overall objective is an urbanity, which effortlessly combines the informal, green suburban lifestyle with an urban density and dynamic. The additive principle behind the plot structure creates a pragmatic diversity, which can integrate old and new, high and low-rise, housing or commercial, and not least private or public in a straightforward way.


设计事务所 C. F. Møller Architects
地点 丹麦, 格拉德萨克斯
面积 230 000 平方米




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