One to One Apartment


这是 Studio Omerta 完成的一个公寓的室内设计,位于雅典。设计师使用黑白灰的简单色调将一个只有55平米的小空间打造成了一个舒适的工作与居住的地方。


Studio Omerta, in accordance with the requirements of the client, have created a new space of just 55sqm in the Northern suburbs of Athens Greece, which consists of a home and work area.

Omerta had this to say:

“When the client came to us he was sceptical as to how he could create a comfortable living area, whilst including everything necessary for his work, in such a small space. Our aim was to create a hybrid of a home environment and work environment without having one overshadowing the other”

The studio seems to have done just that. Dividing a 35sqm room into three different living quarters (kitchen, office, living room) and leaving plenty of room to roam about.

The custom made shelving system designed by Studio Omerta, displays the clients books beautifully making them both easy to find and transforming them into a design element themselves. A Corian table creates a clean boarder for the open plan kitchen and the rest of the space, whilst on the other side , a large corner sofa marks the living room area. The desk is lined to the adjacent wall giving plenty of chair space to move around.

The studio/ apartment plays with shades of grey white and black, and is topped of with orange details and imagery throughout. Wall mounted solutions are seen everywhere, from the stereo system to the sun glass holder, showing us that if you haven’t got enough floor space, you can always use the walls.

An example of how a small space can be utilized efficiently, this project is ironically fitting to the current social economical crisis which clouds the country, demonstrating successfully how sometimes less is more.


设计事务所 Studio Omerta
地点 希腊, 雅典
摄影 Vangelis Paterakis




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 希腊, 雅典