O2 旗舰店


该旗舰店是由 dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH 设计,位于德国慕尼黑。智能化新概念被融入到设计之中,装置,光,声,甚至呼吸,都让我们感受到一个未来的世界


The o2 flagship store on Munich’s Marienplatz arose from the needs of a mobile generation. The desire for self- and co-determination, for a “deceleration” of dynamic daily life, and for personalized service and emotional connection find their expression in the concept.

The o2 store is a world that operates according to its own principles, where communication is as much a matter of course as air is for breathing. With o2 it was not about store design but about developing a concept for an intelligent world in which exhibits, media installations, light, sound, and scents were keyed to one another. Our work spectrum encompassed all steps from concept development and planning to insuring implementation of the artistic concept.


设计事务所 dan pearlman
地点 德国, 慕尼黑




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地点: 德国, 慕尼黑