该项目是由 HILBERINKBOSCH architects 设计,位于荷兰,欧式田园风格住宅。


The old village of Oud Empel is divided into three characteristic typologies: the unsafe waterfront where the smaller labourers cottages are situate; the protected side with the large farms, small factories and the large houses for the notables; and the zone with dike houses on the transition of the village and the forelands of the river Maas.

House La Fie is situated in this transition zone on a corner plot in the bending road on the dike and lies between a traditional dike house and a large farmyard. The site makes the house manifest in the linear structure of the village.

The site has two completely different views: over the river Maas in the north and over open green fields on the south. Also it contains a height difference: situated high on the side of the dike and low at the polder level. The program of the house reacts on this features by introducing different levels which result in a plurality of spaces.

The front of the house fits subtle in the façades in the street. The house becomes more open and abstract at the private backside, opening to the sun and the green fields. The materialization and detailing also changes, traditional in the façade and modern at the backside.

The house thus becomes a modern interpretation of the traditional dike house.


设计事务所 HILBERINKBOSCH architects
地点 荷兰
面积 670 平方米
摄影 René de Wit, Cees Beekveld




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 荷兰