该项目是由 Aulík Fišer Architekti 设计,位于捷克。酒瓶状的旋转屏壁,允许窗户完全关闭,仿佛置身于酒窖中,设计师将葡萄酒文化融入到整个设计中。


You have to find your own way with the wines the client sells and only then may they be truly appreciated. We intentionally applied the same thinking to the interior of this wine tasting oriented restaurant and devoted the greatest effort to making our work invisible.

Our interior has to be a background allowing the enjoyment of good wine and food here and now. The interior is determined by the high quality of craftsmanship of materials linked to wine producing – oak wood for the floor and bar counter, and reinforcement bars (used in vineyards as supports for vine stems) for bottle shelves. In course of filling the shelves with bottles they disappear from view and transform into a wall of bottles.

When rooms on the ground floor of a house from the 19th century were cleaned of disturbing modifications their authentic quality surfaced again. After the impersonally cool wall paints were removed, the history of the house appeared – remnants of original paints and plasters mingle with scars left after the house was structurally modified.

Touching them is a special experience; seeing their graphic quality. All this is complemented by a painting by Martina Chloupa.

( Vinice

The existing shop windows provide contact with the exterior so important for a restaurant in a city centre. We designed rotating screens for evening wine tastings or private celebrations; in their structure can be seen a free interpretation of the method of storing of bottles in cardboard boxes. They allow the shop window to close completely. A visitor then finds himself in a wine cellar separated from the reality of a city. Yet the shop window does not turn blind, but transforms into the restaurant’s big logo. See also


设计事务所 Aulík Fišer Architekti
地点 捷克, 布拉格
项目建筑师 Jakub Fišer, Petra Skalická
摄影 AI photography




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地点: 捷克, 布拉格