Love Table


该项目是由 Maison Edouard François 设计,位于法国。独特的空间布局,开放富有创造力,为每位员工创造了表达自己个性的可能。


The “Love Table” was born from a reflection on the organization of space in the working world. Facing the issues of spatial cost-efficiency, group work, and individual expression, the “Love Table” is an alternative to the open-plan spatial arrangement.

As a single element, it structures the space and offers the possibility for each employee to create their own intimacy and express their personality while remaining part of the collective.

It is a table landscape created for the individual. Cacti embedded in the table help mentally and physically divide the space between the occupants of the “Love Table.”

The “Love Table” was developed on an experimental basis for a 25-person advertising agency in Clichy. The design was expanded several years later for the same company when they transferred to Suresnes with a workforce that had grown to 250 people.

Bulo is the exclusive manufacturer of the “Love Table.”


设计事务所 Maison Edouard François
地点 法国, 克利希
摄影 Paul Raftery




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