该项目是由 Atelier Norisada Maeda 设计,位于日本。场地狭窄有限,住宅夹在另外两个住宅之间。


‘GIG★ANTIC‘ is built in the city part in Tokyo and the site area is about 50m2. Surroundings on the site are enclosed by the building,
 it is a minimum house about area. To supplement the disadvantage with a small site,we thought about the key word “One cloth” and “Turn it over”. In usual, the role is individually given about “Floor/wall/ceiling” and “Construction/furniture”. We intended to weakening the role of each part by gradually continuing it in “One cloth”. The blank that generated as “One cloth” was “Turn it over” brings visual depth as “VOID” and “Mirror”, it is a device that enhances the limited scenery.


设计事务所 Atelier Norisada Maeda
地点 日本, 横滨
面积 site 52.06 m2 / total floor 65.04 m2
摄影 Toshihiro Sobajima




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本, 横滨