Project 910


这是 Kiko Salomão 事务所完成的一个公寓的室内设计,位于巴西圣保罗。客户的需求是希望设计风格不要流于商业化,最终设计师完成了一个细节极致并独一无二的项目。


“It cannot be Comercial”. That was the first thing said by the young couple that own this apartment when we’ve had our first meeting and that really get along with our firm’s way of working. From that moment on we knew that this work would have strong potencials to be unique.

The original drawing of this flat was completely different and all rooms were quite irregular, with various indentations.

The starting point was the main entrance door. A stainless steel screen, originated from highly modern influences and which, at the end, weighed 1ton. From the door and throughout all the other details, the project goes by the modern to the contemporary, but always inside the minimalist premisses of our firm.

We were handed the task of proposing a new Project: a gourmet kitchen and another functional kitchen were requested.

The greatest challenge was to locate the gourmet kitchen between the dining room and the functional kitchen of the flat, meanwhile maintaining all areas integrated among themselves.

In addition, the gourmet kitchen occupied a space that is connected to the main gallery of the entry hall, that is, practically at the main entry of this flat.

Some issues were fundamental for the success of this Project: a large counter was proposed along both kitchens, thus unifying them visually. However, we included a glass division over the counter, as well as two automatic glass doors which, when closed, isolate the rooms acoustically, and also keep odours from spreading.

The main colour of the kitchens is a burnt orange reminiscent of the fifties. Thus we believe this would result in a cosy environment not conflicting with the social areas.

This combination between the spaces and its implementation resulted in a perfect solution as visitors arriving at the flat have direct access to the gourmet kitchen.

From the architecture, interior design to furniture design, decoration and art, our firm was focused on creating a precisely detailed, exclusive and timeless project.


设计事务所 Kiko Salomão
地点 巴西, 圣保罗
团队 Kiko Salomão, Ana Lino, Rafael Palombo, Renata Leite, Giovanna Kuwada, Brunno de Alencar
完成时间 2012
面积 515 平方米
摄影 Alain Brugier, Douglas Garcia




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地点: 巴西, 圣保罗