Pyeong Kang Oriental Medical Clinic


该项目是由 studio VASE 设计,位于韩国首尔。这里可以看到很多韩国传统元素,陶器,苎麻织物等。


Pyeong Kang Oriental Medical Clinic is a place to give medical treatment in a differential concept, seen from the standard of general Oriental Medical Clinic. As a clinic specialized in allergic rhinitis, it has been recently well known as Pyeong Kang Tang, a medicine specialized in allergic rhinitis. Pyeong Kang Tang is to cure these diseases by clearing the lung, called as “Cheong Pei”. Hereby, the word “clean” came up to the concept of white.

The phrase ‘White does not exist. The sensibility of feeling as white does exist.’ in the book[white] written by Hara Kenya explains this space very well. We have found some fabric such as Korean paper, a Korean traditional material, pottery, ramie fabric, and hemp clothes, including devices of design that can feel the existence of sensibility without physical shape. Each color that they actually is all different, while lights, an origin of color, for all glitters, Korean paper and ramie fabric, and hemp clothes recognized as memory of touch, and the oval type of sleek Korean moon jar have been all expressed as white. Same but different, this space filled with existence of white has been intended to be seen as if standing on its starting point or probably existing somewhere on the way to the world of nothing, in the end.

Pyeong Kang Oriental Medical Clinic is divided into three sections due to the narrow and long nature of the building.

The space has been separated smoothly by utilizing hole space with light. Although the light could be received. as it is, through the window of the hole, it has been indirect through several layers. First, barrisol for lighting has filtered natural light by once, and it has been filtered once more by installing shelf and putting full moon jar here. In front of this, the light filtered finally through hanging hemp clothes long can come inside. Like these, the light has been expressed in the space more finely and warmly through the refinement process passing through several layers.

Thin columns lining in the corridor space is a factor that can also give feelings of space sense. The columns have made of different materials up and below certain point as divided into stylobate and capital. The bottom has made of stone, and the top of varnish coated on the Korean paper, which gives feelings like sleek pottery. We have considered the functional part by using the stone material on the bottom of the column because the white space gets obviously stained as the time has passed.


设计事务所 studio VASE
地点 韩国, 首尔
面积 159 平方米
摄影 Woo-Jin Park




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地点: 韩国, 首尔