Coco Bruni 釜山店


该项目是由 studio VASE 设计,位于韩国。设计师通过从地面升起的色带,赋予了空间一种强烈的存在感。顾客在由彩带制成的桌子上用餐,犹如进入一个巨大的巧克力盒,找回童年的纯真。


As well as introducing abstract image that gives presents to this place, we have tried to melt the meaning that the present have and the feeling of joy given by the present into the space. As the ribbon rising from the floor keeps on and on, it becomes a table and a sign. During eating the manu, sitting on the table made of this ribbon, you can enjoy the full feeling as if putting into enormous chocolate box, which makes you back to the innocence of childhood.

The abstract image and essential property given by the present has been realized into the space through utilization of pattern, cutting of surface, and reversal of colors, and you can have experiences of curiosity and flutter prior to opening the present and of being touched and twisting after opening it by using these factors. in every spaces, the details applied by these factors has been placed to be seen, and the floor surface covered by wall surface of red bricks and white finishing materials unveils the ratio clearly, and the paper rolled-like wall surface gives us feelings like present packing paper.

The type of ribbon running the entire of space, as a core factor indication the present figuratively, has played a role of space in the ceiling, and it has been shown as the pattern of the wall surface and objet type with extension to every spaces at the same time. In especial, the extended objet type of the ribbon factor has been actively utilized to the space after being a table or flowing through several wall surface.


设计事务所 studio VASE
地点 韩国, 釜山
面积 143.87 平方米
摄影 Woo-Jin Park




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