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该项目是由 studio VASE 设计,位于韩国首尔。不必要的装饰被完全排除在外,简单而舒适。


This place was a workroom of Park, Hang Ryul, who had painted. Reviving these points, we have tried to keep the essence of the studio with imposing freshness of beauty shop itself with full of functional factors through a harmony with new requirements needed for the old facilities and consideration about passed memories and experiments. The first factor that kept it is a abandoned canvas put on it in previous.

The concept for AURA Beauty seen as a masterpiece about every corner of the space is curiosity to look through the back of the canvas. It is a motive to connect the future, to make space and building in one, and to connect inside and outside visually and physically. By shown the back of the canvas, not the front, although it cannot impose any clear type or feel, and purpose, this is enough to bring about a curiosity about what factors have filled in this place. This concept has reflected on finish materials and movement plan that can connect inside and outside in spatio-temporal and plan for the type of flat that can decide the entire atmosphere.

The decrepit facility with low ceiling has created the old and stylish vintage space with utilizing the factors that has been forgotten so far, and we have changed every factors of space to a masterpiece inside the canvas, including planing the windows for external view and mirror making hair with a canvas frame totally. Remaining the original figure of the studio, we have tried to achieve the space composition that attracts the functional aspect of the beauty space with design.

With imposing unity into design and materials for interior and exterior, the unnecessary ornaments has been excluded so as to keep the atmosphere of the studio, taking priority of the design in simplicity and amiability and we have created the unveil comfortable and stylish feelings

The entrance that shares the start and the end of space can be the space that can make many effects on the first impression and lingering imagery of AURA Beauty. The entrance of this space is not standing out its sign, unlike other beauty shop. We have intended to make visitors come to find it by themselves, rather, in spite of no intention of advertising as restaurants where is hard to find due to lack of proper sign.

The space for hair rendering and VIP saloon occupies in the second floor. 8 hair boothes located in the center of the hall make us feel once more that this place was for the studio with the mirrors consisted of canvas frames not matching each coner in entanglement.


设计事务所 studio VASE
地点 韩国, 首尔




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地点: 韩国, 首尔