WBP 在线布拉迪斯拉发分部


该项目是由 Vallo Sadovsky Architects 设计,位于斯洛伐克。可旋转面板,将空间分成两部分,保证了私密性的同时,更加灵活。


Great view and a fully glazed facade are the main features of the administrative area. The entire area is extremely sunlit. As a result, working on the computer is difficult and there is a problem with overheating in the summer. These attributes were so strong that the aim of our design was to create a system of regulation for the client that would not limited by the use of window shades. In addition, the investor was looking for a certain type of lounge area in which clients can catch up on the latest economic news while sipping on quality coffee.

Thus, we enhanced the layout with a row of rotating panels, dividing the space into two parts: the first introverted “chill out” area can be completely isolated from the outer sunlight and environment, the second extroverted zone includes two meeting rooms and a bar with good coffee. Overlapping of these two environments and regulation of sunlight and view in this disposition is completely up to current needs and mood of its user. One side of each of the 45 remote controlled rotating panels is veneered; the other side is simply white, making it possible to adjust the ambience of the space anytime.


设计事务所 Vallo Sadovsky Architects
地点 斯洛伐克, 布拉迪斯拉发
项目设计师 Matúš Vallo, Oliver Sadovský, Peter Janeček, Branislav Husárik
面积 485 平方米
摄影 P.Safko




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