Rahov 交易中心改造


该项目是由 RE-ACT NOW 设计,位于罗马尼亚。在保留原有建筑的风格,引入新的元素,赋予新的社会功能。



What could we do in the context of revitalizing architecture to keep a more vivid picture of an old building with (even partial) special features? It is a question to which we can respond in two ways. In a first way the valuable part will be restored and the unworthy one we rebuild, complete, emphasize absolutely in the same stylistic story as the old valuable one, or we dress it – in a second way – in a completely new concept in major contrast with the existing situation.

We chose the second variant, first because the challenge that came with it was more entitled in the context of Bucharest where such approaches are lacking, but also because the new functions that the house needed were based on a great flexibility and a general transparency, things to which the first version could not answer.

The existing building was drawn at its origins by an Italian architect at the end of XIXth century named Giulio Magni. This building – the former goods exchange – is part of the ensemble: Customs – Goods Exchange – Warehouses and is the most «in the street» and the most coquette of all. Its high state of degradation in which it was when our design approach started, resulted from the fact that for many years it was unused and therefore untaken care of in any way. In this context a ready-made additional «affection» was called upon us considering the approach of details and the methodology for the recovery of the valuable fund.

Spice Way to Bucharest …

The story we offered to the new house from the former Goods Exchange actually lives in small the story of a fair on a spice way where the nostalgical past is framed by the anarchic context of the sincerity and simplicity of technically virgin beauty.

The new building has become a sensitive «white-black» phrase.

The Human transcends ambiguous states when meeting the place, the neighborhood, the people, the local memories already knew or just foreseen…


设计事务所 RE-ACT NOW
地点 罗马尼亚, 布加勒斯特
项目建筑师 Mario Kuibus, Roxana Dumitriu, Irina Plesnila, Cristina Chivu, Elena Toader, Ioan Marcean, Adela Antoniu, Valentin Varlan
面积 2 600 平方米
摄影 Andrei Margulescu




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