该方案是由 nodo17-architects/Manuel Pérez Romero 设计,位于台西班牙。石头,苔藓,烟囱,斗牛场,充满西班牙田园风格元素。


The “NORTH FACE” is a house protected by a climbing wall: wrapped and always wet, where the moss growth on the basatls stones. You will need a “good hand” for climbing it.

The house is devoloped along the “north face” wall, and it works like a thermal protector that receives air from a geothermal pipe and from a solar chimney.

The model shows only a part of the house: the North Face wall.

The main intention is to construct the most natural wall as posible. Almost like we cut a natural cliff and we carry it to the land. It is made of basalt stones and projected concrete.

The bullring is hence surrounded by smaller squares that house the different programs annexed to the main one. A single roof or marquee organizes the different activities and generates a public space sheltered from sun and rain. A new city square for Blanca.

The main elements that form this project are the following:

-The main square formed by the bullring and the stands, with the corresponding spaces for transit movement and entrances.

-The bubbles corresponding to the secondary squares that house the annex programs.

-The marquee which generates a new public space and classifies the different programs.

-The bullfighter’s costume. The main square is ‘dressed’ with a skin of ceramic lattice that reproduces the intricate embroidery of bullfighters’ costumes, and which at the same time is brightened by the different colors of the costumes.


设计事务所 nodo17-architects / Manuel Pérez Romero
地点 西班牙, 马德里
项目建筑师 Félix Toledo Lerín, Noelia Somolinos, Luis del Rey Cristóbal
面积 5 100平方米




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 西班牙, 马德里