该方案是由 MFA ARCHITECTS 设计,位于意大利。项目试图在其代表性的风格与融入景观之间获得平衡,在主要结构的关系间寻找它的本质同时不牺牲建筑原型的空间与概念维度。


The project tries to achieve a balance between its representative character and its willing to integrate into the landscape, searching its essence in the relationship between primary structures without abandoning the conceptual and spatial dimension of the constructive archetype.

The wall, intended as a memory of the ancient signs that represent agricultural landscapes, generates a new public space, highlighting the idea of transformation.

The base is to strengthen the primal meaning of connection to the floor of the building, underlining the relationship of the winery with the surrounding landscape. Conceived as an element with its own identity, the base reveals another level, from whose background new and existing stand out.

The structure of the building turns out to be capable of delineate the presence and mission of the winery and its iconographic impact, although related to the environment, makes the building an identifiable mark in the territory. The structure itself causes a soft distinction between the productive activities of the winery and the flow of visitors. For both functions in fact, it creates a defined space but not totally separate from the rest: a space throbbing with activities related to the knowledge of wine tasting, to its scientific and convivial insights. Thus a new level is established, hosting all public functions, welcome point, showroom, degustation area and guest rooms.


地点 意大利, 特雷维索
项目团队 Erica Beluffi, Daniele Quadri, Nicola Martinoli, Anna Ghirardi




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