Office Tower and Exhibition Center for Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Development


该方案是由 MA2 设计,位于香港。曲线型的外观,构建一个标志性的城市新形象。


The tower and exhibition hall is a proposal for Hong Kong’s Kai Tak development, an airport landing strip that will be reclaimed into the city as a new cultural, business, and residential district. The tower is an expressionof fluid movement that manifests into a series of folds, creases, and a bifurcation of massing creating a dual tower. By creating a matrix of vertical lattices it enables the glass surfaces to polymorph into folding curvatures, thereby having variation along all sides of the building igniting a robust and dynamic tectonic curvilinear structure. Structural tectonics’that are articulated by curvilinear geometric components have varied properties that can address structural performance and synergetic nuances, operating in conjunction to cultivate a visual and experiential valiancy. The base of the tower is a composite of vector geometries, where it functions as a point of transition for two different projects yielding as one overall gesture. By situating the tower for KaiTak along the water front, its fluid massing is showcased as an iconic image that complements the cities velocity and urban life.


设计事务所 MA2
地点 香港




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地点: 香港