Qatar Railways


该项目是由 dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH 设计,位于多哈,展览分为共七个阶段,是对卡塔尔酋长国的未来交通系统介绍。


Qatar Railways Brand Experience: presentation of the transportation system of the future for the Emirate of Qatar

How do you convey to the Emir of Qatar within 60 minutes the results of a 6-month feasibility study for a future transportation system in Qatar?

Architects, designers, graphic artists developed in just 3 months the new brand ¡°Qatar Railways¡± and created the brand experience exhibition ¡°Qatar Railways¡± in Doha-Qatar.

The brand and the brand experience exhibition were developed for the German client Deutsche Bahn. The globally operating railway company aimed to expand its business to Arabian countries. Therefore Deutsche Bahn was in need to convince the Emir of Qatar as the decision maker of Qatar of the sustainable and economical sufficient future transportation system for his country. An integrated net of mobility helps centres all over the world to grow both economically and culturally.

The development of the new brand, which was not in existence before, included the designs of the logo and the whole corporate identity including train brandings, tickets, staff service clothing, even VIP and business lounges and merchandising equipment for trains and lounges such as table wear, pencils, studs etc.

The creation of the whole corporate design had to reflect exclusive quality: representing the strong history and tradition of the Arabian nation and drawing a bow to a modern and vital future. Therefore the logo has a centred structure standing for unity, dynamism and stability. The theme of precision is reflected in the colour Blue, which also signifies eternity. The colour Gold was additionally used for interior elements to demonstrate the wealth of the Arabian nation. In order to communicate the brand in an effective, enduring manner, corporate design is realised in perfect detail.

In February 2009, the integrated mobility future system of Qatar was simulated on a central interactive exhibit with the overall claim ¡°Welcome to the Future¡±. The exhibition hall was specially erected for the presentation to the Emir of Qatar. The architectural structure of the brand experience exhibition was dramatically enhanced by means of an individualized light and sound composition which created fascinating sensory impressions in each space. The exhibition itself could be entered through a huge multimedia tunnel leading to 1,300 square metres of dramaturgy, interactive presentation displays, high-tech and multimedia projections. The flow of traffic and people is the main underlying idea for this interactive world consisting of a “Station Hall”, a “Control Centre” and a “VIP Lounge”.

The exhibition was structured into a total of seven phases, carefully coordinated in terms of time and content, including an emotional reception, the communication of information through key facts, train model exhibits and other items, and sensory impressions created by light and sound installations.

The success of the presentation was overwhelming: The Emir was so enthusiastic about this virtual vision that it will become a reality from 2016. Moreover, the Emir of Qatar decided personally that the exhibition will be accessible to the public of Qatar from 2010 onwards.


设计事务所 dan pearlman
地点 卡塔尔, 多哈
面积 2 850 平方米
摄影 Gregor Hohenberg




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目录: 室内, 展览
地点: 卡塔尔, 多哈