该方案由 Nice Architects 设计,位于斯洛伐克。注重生态效应,构建绿色城市。拥有阅读,休闲中心,书店,咖啡厅,展览空间以及儿童游乐场等多种功能区。白色的钢结构成为最大亮点。



Why to destroy urban park because of building?

Let build new and better park with integrated function of library, cultural, community and leisure centre. Just wrap it into invisible skin to protect it from weather and create green urban interior.


Mass of the library works as a connector between park and housing quarter. Main volume respects orthogonal grid of housing, but its sides are angled to create two small urban spaces and space for parking cars. Library park centre is the gateway, that gives unique identity to the housing quarter. Height of the building respects site urban regulations.


Shape of exterior skin comes from prism, which is modified by requirements of exterior and interior spaces and the attractivity of the site.

Two top diagonal corners of the prism are pulled out to create roofing of main urban spaces with building entrances. Facade is fully glassed to keep building transparent and subtle. Such geometry makes simple, but remarkable and unique design of the building.


Building is the park. We created spaces with different atmosphere by inserting levels between trees and landscape. Finally, we packed the whole park library into the glass skin to protect it from weather. To protect books of moisture and insect from interior greenery and trees, we put them into minimalistic glass boxes, which work also as a noise cancelling membrane. Library building is very transparent, sensible and light, it appears as a garden pavilion or greenhouse in the park.


- educative effect – different species of plants and trees, perceiving the importance of natural environment

- psychological effect – reducing stress, natural atmosphere

- shading effect – tree canopies provide shading

- interior climate quality effect –trees cool space in summer and provide ideal air quality

- ecological effect

- variability of skin and interior – the space and facade change according to season – it blossoms in spring, it is green in the summer, colourful in the autumn and melancholic in the winter

- noise breaking effect – leaves of trees are great in breaking noises to provide better sound comfort


The building has 3 entrances , 2 main for public, 1 side for employees. One public entrance is from park on the north, another one from small public plaza on the south.

1st floor / UNDER THE TREES/ works as a community and leisure centre with free reading zone, cafe , book shop, exhibition space, children playground and entrance to the library with offices. 1st floor also connects housing quarter with outside park. In basement floor / ROOTS/ there are service areas of library as water treatment, machine, electrical and preservation room and public areas as a multipurpose room, language room, seminar and culture classrooms. All of this public spaces are illuminated by natural light via green window wells on the sides. On the 2nd Floor /IN THE TREES/, there is general collection library that consists of book shelves in protecting glass boxes and open space reading area, which is located more around the trees and outer perimeter of the space. 3rd floor /TREETOP/ accommodate children library also with glass boxes with books, glass boxes for infant corner , storytelling room and open space reading area. All the levels offers unique and specific atmosphere and comfort for everybody.


All constructions and furniture are white, to accent colours of plants, books and people, supporting the main idea of library as a park. We proposed white painted steel constructions, cast floor and highly transparent glazed facade to maximize the connection between exterior and interior.


Load bearing system of interior constructions is steel skeleton, facade has its own system of steel columns, which support suspended roof construction.


Water treatment management – collecting rain water from roof into water reservoir / exterior and interior/, reusing water for irrigating trees and greenery and flushing toilets.

Energy system – photovoltaic panels on the roof , located at the highest corners of the building

Ventilation – all the levels are set of from interior facade, so fresh air can flow from bottom to top, and also between both glass of double skin, ideal interior climate of glazed cubes is provided by air condition

Sun protection – interior space is shaded by vertical louvers on the facade and on the roof, another layer of shading is provided by trees bamboo/climbing plants on the inner side of the facade. Special diffusion glass is used on top parts of glass shell to provide ideal light source for reading and lessen overheating.


Shifting of the library mass in relation to the streets we got 3 triangular spaces with different functions. On the south we have small public entrance plaza. On the west we got parking spaces. On the north is located main public space, connection between library and the park.

Library wall could be opened toward square and cafe, book shop, children playground and exhibition space are located here. Basic used material used are wood, resin bounded gravel, EPDM and relaxing atmosphere is created by greenery, landscaping and also exterior water reservoir.


Proposal of interior construction is very simple, most of trees have roots in the existing ground. Exterior skin is quite simple except two double curved facades, which make character of whole architecture. According our estimations proposed budget should not be exceeded. Operation of such library is not complicated at all , it requires extra maintenance of the greenery and trees as in the regular park.


设计事务所 Nice Architects
地点 斯洛伐克, 布拉迪斯拉发
项目建筑师 Igor Zacek, Sona Pohlova, Tomas Zacek




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