Lilla Bommen Vision


该方案是由 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture 设计,位于瑞典哥德堡,绿色城市是设计的出发点。


Creating a new green and car-free axis through the existing urban fabric.

Introducing green parking, bicycle parking and green roofs as well as metabolic facilities such as recycle facilities and urban agriculture.

Redevelopment of a centrally located site in Göteborg. The commission was to develop the future empty site remaining from the planned demolishing of the old bridge Göta älvbron.

The Proposal aims to link the fragmented urban fabric that is the present state of the site. A new green urban axis connects the waterfront with the city center and existing green urban areas. This new walk and bicycle path aims to secure green public space in a future densification of the central site.

The proposed structure departs from it urban context of existing sightlines and scales. The buildings varies in volume and material, relating both to existing high-rise building and the harbour landscape as to the human scale introduced with the new and improved walk and bicycle paths. A variation of program are proposed. From office, housing, commercial and service to recreation spots and public space.

A developed waterfront is proposed to make the water more accessible. The renewal of existing parking land, adding green parkings and public space, together with the new marinas and terraced wharfs invites citizens to the river.


设计事务所 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture
地点 瑞典, 哥德堡
项目团队 Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Sanna Johnels, Kuei Fang Chang, Gaby Andersson
面积 120 000 平方米




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目录: 城市规划
地点: 瑞典, 哥德堡