该方案是由 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture 设计,位于瑞典。色彩斑斓的建筑外立面体现活力,各种设计元素协调在一起,稳重中带着跳跃。


The new school consists of a school building of ca 6500m², a sports-block of ca 2500m² as well as additional smaller buildings. The school will be executed as a passive-house, thus becoming one of the largest passive-house buildings in Sweden and probably the largest passive-house school built in the country.

The school utilises the existing energy within the building generated from people and household appliances which then reduces the overall heating requirements of the building.

Architecturally the school is sited as a backdrop to the centrally located park south of the building, filling one of the planned blocks of the future area of Kollastaden.

On the north side of the school, a communal schoolyard is placed to connect the new and old school-building. The schoolyard is designed to be actively used by students participating in activities which support learning. There is parking, both for cars and bicycles, and zones for the schooltaxi.

The School building which is based on the design program of Kollastaden, has its own strongcharacter. The street facades of pale brick are kept relatively restrained while the facades facing the yard have a more playful expression, both in the facade design and in the volume.

The school-yard facade is dressed with stucco and panels. To give the relatively large building a human scale the street façade has a variation in composition. This is shown in both window-setting and the artistic decoration of the brick as well as high-lighted entrances and windows with red fibre cement panels

A distinct entrance leads the visitor into the entrance hall with an atrium that is open in three planes. All communal areas are situated around the atrium as well as the more public function rooms. In the wings of the building, the permanent classrooms are situated furthest away from the more public areas so they have more privacy and less unnecessary distruptions.


设计事务所 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture
地点 瑞典, 孔斯巴卡
面积 8 000 平方米




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目录: 建筑, 教育
地点: 瑞典, 孔斯巴卡