该项目是由 Ferrer Arquitectos 设计,位于西班牙。建筑严整,外观气派宏丽,室内花园别具特色。


These buildings are laid out according to a strip arrangement, creating an ordered and functional design which sets out clear entrances and highly versatile, multi-purpose spaces. There is a main communications strip, which is the backbone of the design, created as a glazed area with climbing vegetation and scattered courtyards that provide interesting sequences for the visitor/user. This linear corridor runs along the top of the roof and has the appearance of a lantern, drawing you in from the outside. From the inside the views are accentuated with volumes that curt across the building. Each floor contains a meeting room that protrudes out over the landscape, offering views of the bay and the Gata Cape Natural Park. Both buildings exceed the minimum environmental standards and have been designed to meet energy classification A, as well as the American LEED certification and the European Green Building Certification.


设计事务所 Ferrer Arquitectos
地点 西班牙, 阿尔梅里亚
项目建筑师 José Ángel Ferrer
面积 15 028.58 m2 (Pita Building) 1 605.60 m2 (Tecnova Building). Both buildings: 16 634.18 m2
摄影 David Frutos




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