该项目是由 MFA ARCHITECTS 设计,位于意大利。设计师恰到好处的运用了建筑外部空间的形式语言,这些构成要素被很好的安排在一起。


The starting point for the project of a school complex is the right relation between the built and the open space. The relation between the mountain environment and the site for the new school is astonishing. The primary school is situated in the southern part, directly linked to the canteeen (west), the gym (east) and the kindergarten (north-west). The new volumes settle following a comb-scheme that allows the best energetic placement possible. This scheme following the east-west direction seems to be very useful for the technological system occurring the school complex, placed in the walls and floors of the building. The new volumes are parts of an occupied landscape, and the pavilion morphological choice aims to determine a way for light and air beteen the buildings, the open spaces and the context.

With Paolo Mestriner Architect


地点 意大利, 米兰




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目录: 建筑, 教育
地点: 意大利, 米兰