Company Canteen


该项目是由 MFA ARCHITECTS 设计,位于意大利。这是一家公司的餐厅,宽敞的大厅可供休息,多个功能包间可留给客户。整体装修简单却不失风格。


The pretext of an intervention often changes the way of living a space and it emphasizes his value. The space is interpreted with a new aim, changing his aspect but not his function. The canteen hall remains a container for a break, a stop, a meal. The function of daily meal becomes place of share and exchange. The new appearance of the canteen represents a different faceting for a certainly gain-orientated company, but conscious of increasing the quality level of the working environment to increase in the employer the sense of belonging, to give back efficiency and loyalty. The environment gets back his distinguishing character, his proportion in a new disposition. The functional layout rises from an internal fluxes study, allowing a better spaces displacement, in order to better live the canteen in the different lunch times. In particular, the private hall is reserved for managers and clients, and the rest of the hall to machine workers.


地点 意大利, 布雷西亚




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