Moda Bagno / Interni


该项目是由 K-studio 设计,位于希腊雅典。建筑像是一个立方盒,面向街道的窗户配有夸张的视角框架。


The 1000 sqm space hosts Moda Bagno and Interni’s entire range of designer products. This includes contemporary classic furniture, bathrooms and kitchens. The building is a large 12mHx14mWx16mD box. The street facade is clad with expanded metal and interspersed with openings to allow views into and out of the building. The cedar framework celebrates the openings and its intensified perspective form frames and gives direction to the views. As the cars drive by the exaggerated perspective frames attract and intrigue. Their accentuated perspective allows for views from a wider range of angles, offering passersby more time to look inside whilst accelerating in their cars. In one of the Bulthaup kitchens the mural artist Joanna Burtenshaw has drawn a scene from a Greek fish market.


设计事务所 K-studio
地点 希腊, 雅典
面积 1 000 平方米
摄影 Yiorgos Kordakis




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地点: 希腊, 雅典