Casa Cuartel de la Guardia Civil en Oropesa del Mar


该项目是由 espegel-fisac arquitectos 设计,位于西班牙。白色外观,平屋顶,标志性景观,彰显地中海式风格。


The building is arranged in two parts forming an L which defines an open access to the avenue de la Plana, natural path from the town center. The access from the square serves to the government offices and to the dwellings, establishing a single point of control input.

One volume contains the government offices, while the other volume, more complex, contains the dwellings. The two parts are connected by an outer communication core (lift and stairs), which serves to dwellings and to the government office as an alternative emergency core.

The residential building turns its back to the square, looking south. Family housing is arranged in the lower floors in two rows separated by an open corridor access. Each house is organized in L generating a private courtyard which offers ventilation and views, facing southeast. The access to the high rise apartments is performed by an exterior corridor opened to the principal square. Above the row of apartments elevated by pilotis a double floor volume containing the rest of the apartments completes the building. This generates a large public outdoor space ideal for the residents.

The building of government offices is organized in a compact and clear way, just around a courtyard, and locating the most public uses on the ground floor in order to be more accessible.

The architecture refers to the usual Mediterranean area with simple volumes, courtyards well targeted, the use of sunscreens and flat roofs. The light control and privacy is solved by lattice GRC so the cross ventilation in dwellings and in office building optimizes the behavior of the whole edification.


设计事务所 espegel-fisac arquitectos
地点 西班牙, 奥罗佩萨德尔马
面积 4 146.00 平方米
摄影 David Frutos




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