该方案是由 de+ge & Buro Ruim 设计,位于俄罗斯莫斯科。尺度的模块化和具有鲜明的层次感,建筑师在探索空间,边缘,规划之间的关系。


emancipation of the block

In a society like the Russian one, where (extravagant) individualism grew as a reaction to (an often forced)

collectivism, one answer to the fragmented and excessive subjectivity is re-scaling and redefining the political

and spatial parameters of the block. We therefore propose to re-scale the block into spaces and communities

on different levels. As a result the block emancipates into two directions: up to the urban scale of the city and

down to the singular room of the apartment.

a clear border opens up

In stead of rejecting the fragmentation in the name of some idealistic intention, we base communitarian life on

a clear spatial separation as opposed to a continuous universality. Against the taboo that a border abdicates

from (a socio-political vision of ) the city, we therefore incorporate borders within the project. Together with the

spatial setting of the buildings this opens up and enriches both social relations inside the block, as well as the

urban life around it.

refining the A101 standard

In our project we imply and refine the A101 idea of creating a standard, based on the logic of continuous

zooming in and passing between the various scales. The result is a succession of masterplans, each with a

specific character and basic rules. Following a clear hierarchy and a modular logic the transition between the

different scales is made possible.

a hierarchy of rooms

The plot is regulated by a check-board like grid, within which the buildings rise. The spatial setting of the

buildings configures both urban life around the block, as well as the social relations inside it. The logic goes on

into the formation of the buildings’ interiors and their facades, allowing a transition from the public, to the

common and then to the private. Within the rooms of the apartments, the facade provides a framework that

intensifies the different scales of the plan.

standard evolution

The modularity and distinctive hierarchy of scales makes the plan controllable on different levels. The buildings,


设计事务所 de+ge & Buro Ruim
项目团队 Simon de Jong, Ljubo Georgiev, David Smidt va Gelder, Freek Waltmann, Melina Mezari, Kenya Sato
地点 俄罗斯, 莫斯科
面积 plot 9 375 m2 / total built-up 28 000 m2




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 俄罗斯, 莫斯科