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该项目是由 VAÍLLO & IRIGARAY + GALAR 设计,位于西班牙。建筑师使用了一种柔软的几何形体,并建立了一个具有统一通风方式的建筑框架。这个新建筑空间把一切都包裹起来,但是并没有刻意地将空间隐藏起来,以特殊的外墙设计表达这座建筑的新身份。


The organizational scheme is due to similar patterns of organic micro-structures, more in line with patterns of liquid and/or gelatinous geometry than with Cartesian structures. It sets up a framework by using a soft geometry and a unified airy treatment of space.

The new space is conceived as a continuation of the existing hedge, wrapping it all, but without hiding: expressing its new identity, not only as a constructed element, but also as a re-forested element. A new plant species has grown and enveloped the area … the new scalar similarity among plant elements renders the proposal a new understanding of the link to the existing elements.

This species is made up of recycled plastic tubes of different colouring similar to the natural, which like “reeds, canes …” organizes a flexible and deformable organic plait amenable to adapt to any situation and geometry.


地点 西班牙, 纳瓦拉
项目建筑师 Antonio Vaíllo i Daniel, Juan L. Irigaray Huarte and Daniel Galar
面积 596 平方米
摄影 Jose Manuel Cutillas




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