Nove 2


该项目是由 Studio B Architects 设计,位于美国。外部材料使用产自于当地的轻型石灰岩板,室内装饰给人感觉清新简约。


This small residual wedge-shaped property sat vacant for years given its many site restraints and complexities including; front streets on two sides, 10’-0” snow storage easements on 2 sides, buried City of Aspen main water and electric lines directly under the building footprint which required re-location and a year of approvals and strict zoning ordinances given its location in Aspen’s Historic West End.

The resulting solution is a direct response to these parameters and is a stone clad ‘sculpture’ which hints to the owners’ art collection housed primarily within its double-height space.

The program of 3200 square feet is divided between an upper private level, the public main floor and the lower guest level. The exterior materials consist of a light-weight limestone panel system with aluminum windows and doors.


设计事务所 Studio B Architects
地点 美国, 阿斯彭
面积 site 10,800 s.f
摄影 Derek Skalko, Raul J. Garcia




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 美国, 阿斯彭