Corporate Architecture for Lohmann+Rauscher


该项目是由 destilat design studio 设计,位于奥地利维也纳。客户是一家国际级公司,设计的重点是体现公司的品牌以及它的价值观。


The interior design concept focuses on representation of the company’s brand as well as its values and internationality and emphasises the company’s status.

Extensive wall-mounted elements that form a lamellar structure are one of the dominant characteristics of this concept. These elements neutralise problematic areas of the existing architecture and are integrated in the overall structure for product and brand presentation.

The concept was developed at company’s offices in Vienna and will now be realised at all other company sites around the world.


设计事务所 destilat design studio
地点 奥地利, 维也纳
设计师 destilat
摄影 monika nguyen




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地点: 奥地利, 维也纳