Geisendorf Faclity


该方案是由 MAURO TURIN ARCHITECTES 设计,位于瑞士日内瓦。通过空间将诸多功能元素组织在一起,同时注重环保,低碳。


The objective is the conception of a new facility for the uses of Geinsendorf school students as well as for the neighborhood inhabitants. Our proposition takes sides, as a counterbalance, in becoming integrated into the heart of the extraordinary Geinsendorf Park by concealing itself among the trees in order to obtain a subtle effect of disappearance with a minimal perturbation on the vegetation. Therefore, the building rises in a vertical direction, reducing noticeably its footprint on the site. This position ensures a clear accessibility for the different users: on the west side, from the place for the neighbourhood, inhabitants and on the east side, from the playground, for the school students. The building is made of a set of similar elements that are weaved together through the space and that take different positions in order to create sometimes pillars, sometimes beams or stairs.


地点 瑞士, 日内瓦城




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地点: 瑞士, 日内瓦城