该项目是由 SPACE 设计,位于墨西哥城,共3800平方米。大理石,地毯,石材等材料被很好的融合在一起。


The design concept for the INTERCAM offices is based on providing customers with an atmosphere of solidity and reliability with a fun atmosphere inside while still capturing the essence of the bank.

The project, located in the Lago Zurich building in Plaza Carso, consists of 3,800 m2, on two floors.

The public floor is a fundamental element of the project since it has a spacious reception area, meeting rooms for customers and meeting rooms for suppliers, canteens for customers and a currency exchange service counter. It should be noted that the customer canteens were designed to make the customer feel that they are eating in the comfort of someone’s home. Details like the marble wall with the logo, the granite floor in the reception area and the lattice wall in reception, give the space a sense of seriousness while also capturing the cheerfulness of the bank.

The presidential suite, located on floor 10 has an area for secretaries, a private office for an assistant and the president’s private office. The finishes are worth highlighting because the combination of wood, granite, carpet, glass, stone, lighting and ceiling details give the space a unique and different touch. The boardroom, emerging between the workstations, is a large space being a large sculptural envelope with its latticed facades, which provide privacy and hierarchy to that space.

The rest of floors 10 and 09 are equipped with meeting rooms with audio-visual equipment, coffee areas, printing areas and casual meeting area which give a special touch to the floor as it contributes to team interaction as well as to freedom of use. The furniture selected for this project is unusual for a bank, since all the workstations are bench-type which makes the space more cheerful. Being open plan with workstations, meeting and private rooms in the core, lends a feeling of spaciousness, and a wonderful use of light on all four sides creating a sense of connectedness with the outside. The casual meeting areas which are created emulate exterior spaces, like parks, this is for users when they need a rest or when there are visitors they can go to these recreational spaces for a break. These spaces have areas for a coffee and for printing.


设计事务所 Space
地点 墨西哥, 墨西哥城
设计师 Juan Carlos Baumgartner, Ana Mallon
面积 32,293 square feet
摄影 Huguette Ampudia




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