Housing Pilon


该项目由 bevk perović arhitekti 设计,位于斯洛文尼亚卢布尔雅那市主环路附近的一个废弃的采石场内。采石场的一角有一栋破旧的水泥抹灰的石楼,与周边美丽的自然景观格格不入,仿佛是大自然的一道伤疤,它却被作为当地的文化遗迹被保留至今。如今要在这个脆弱的用地环境下修建起一个大型的住宅项目,不仅要考虑如何能更好地保护这个采石场的问题,还要考虑如何利用途经此处的城市主干道,来打造一个新的城市的新地标,这些困难对于该项目的设计师而言都是巨大的挑战。


Housing Pilon stands in an unusual location, on the site of an abandoned quarry next to main Ljubljana ring road. The remains of the quarry previously appeared as a ‘wound’ in the natural landscape with an old, lime-kiln building made of stone in the corner of the site, which was protected as a cultural monument. The question was how to position a new large housing complex in such delicate surroundings, how to preserve the quarry and design the housing as new landmark related to the highway passing right next to the site.

The location was treated sensitively. The rock wall was preserved, protected against crumbling and planted with greenery. 140 apartment units were structured into a complex of two separate buildings that are further divided into two slabs connected by communication cores. The slabs are shifted, they follow the configuration of the terrain and create different communal spaces, the concrete entrance platform in the front and green courtyard at the back side of the complex.

The internal structuring of the complex follows the idea of ‘condensation’ of the city condition vertically: smaller, single person units are positioned in the lower part of the buildings. They are followed by duplex apartments which are organized as patio villas around open, double height courtyard spaces. Luxurious small penthouse apartments are built on top. These different typologies are clearly visible on the facade, yet the overall image of the complex appears homogenous.

The facades are designed as interplay of opened and closed elements. Glazed balconies with yellow railings are followed with closed storage units made of velvety black ferrocement plates. Storages thus become an element of the facade and divider between different apartments.

The complex is in tune with the silhouette of the hill and is simultaneously paying a kind of ‘hommage’ to the former quarry but at the same functions as a eyecatching ‘landmark’, a strong orientation point on the Ljubljana ring road.


设计事务所 bevk perović arhitekti
地点 斯洛文尼亚, 卢布尔雅那
项目建筑师 Matija Bevk, Vasa Perović, Davor Počivašek, Nataša Šprah, Ida Sedušak, Ana Čeligoj, Andrej Mercina
面积 11 500 平方米
摄影 Miran Kambič




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