该项目是由 Vanguarda Architects 设计,位于美国迈阿密。这是一个以体育赛事为主题的餐厅,室内面积180平方米,有一个大型的酒窖,封闭式的酒吧,全黑的内饰。


Doma Polo Bistro is a polo-themed restaurant. Although the so-called kings’ sport is played all around the world, DOMA POLO BISTRO presents a close relationship with Argentina since it combines this country’s traditions in wines, meat and polo with the American way of life.

Since it is located across from the MIAMI ARENA sports pavilion and it has a flexible appearance as a bar, the restaurant receives large amounts of clients exiting the sports events played there.

At Vanguarda Architects, we devised the project and, together with hachetresele, we designed the corporate identity development for the restaurant. Thus, we designed the brand, the institutional stationery, the archigraphics and the marketing material, among others.

The facilities, with an indoor area of 180 m2, are designed from a large central double-height cellar, built with construction ironwork. The tables, high on one side and low on the other, are placed around the cellar and there is a workstation in the main part, which is decorated with polo equipment.

On the other side, there is the bar, enclosed by a wooden box similar to a stable. Its interior is completely black and it has graphics made in situ by local artists with chalk.

At the back, there are stable-like booths with black leather capitoné seats and paintings of the same style mentioned above. On the opposite side, there are open booths with the same kind of seats, including private LCDs for each table and design lamps.

Finally, there is a large terrace outside with low tables and seats under a large canopy, in compliance with the rules of the building where the restaurant is located.


设计事务所 Vanguarda Architects
地点 美国, 迈阿密
面积 180 m2
摄影 Vanguarda Architects / DOMA POLO BISTRO




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地点: 美国, 迈阿密