该项目是由 Studio27 Architecture 设计,位于美国伦纳德敦。对就建筑的改造,有很多挑战,既要继承又要创新。设计师很好的把握了这个度。


When they first called the architects, the clients said they needed some work on their “watershack”. A weekend retreat that overlooked the Potomac River, the 50 year old structure was aptly named. A single story rancher discovered to have significant structural and mold issues, the challenge became convincing the clients to accept a new paradigm. Rather than spend on band-aid repairs to the old structure, could the clients be persuaded that they could build a new house for a similar investment? Simple form, construction methods and systems would be the required methodology to meet the stringent budget.

The construction details of the new “watershack” reference the construction methods vernacular to the rural farmland structures. A slatted cedar rain screen provides a veiled transparency that is reminiscent of barn sheathing. The individual concrete piers that form the foundatition allow the volumes of the house to perch on the land similar to agrarian structures of the neighboring farms.

The new “Watershack” consists of two rectangular solids with a glass connector. The main living volume is a two storied loft with dining and kitchen below, with the main sleeping room above. All of the spaces in the main volume overlook the river. This volume is connected through the entry foyer and bridge to an additional first floor sleeping room and primary bathing space.


设计事务所 Studio27 Architecture
地点 美国, 伦纳德敦
设计师 Todd Ray, AIA, LEED-AP; Joe Michael
面积 142 平方米
摄影 Anice Hoachlander




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 美国, 伦纳德敦