该项目是由 Gus Wüstemann architects 设计,位于瑞士苏黎世。类似长廊的设计,将内外部连接起来,窗户不在是必要的。水泥,石灰或木材等材料做内壁,营造出大量的纹理,有一种剪切的感觉。


This is a house for a young South African family in Erlenbach, just outside Zurich along the lake.

The plot is in a suburban context and therefor pretty dense with family homes, typical for the area. The site is on a slope, where on top there are beautiful views to the lake with evening sun and at the lower part there is a group of smaller family houses.

The clients asked us for a solution for a house that made most of the big plot, wanting a view, but not end up with a house on top of the hill and a rest of a garden down below.


Our solution for this plot was to occupy the periphery of the site, with the main house on top of the hill and the pool house at the bottom, both houses connected through a solid stony promenade: 2 verandas.

By occupying the periphery: there is one veranda at the top, the promenade is going alongside the eastern boarder of the plot leading to the south end, there is a park in the middle of the site.

The park can be consumed as nature from all three sides and therefor there is no ‚left over’ of land. The stony promenade connects the two verandas, is a site of its own, where you walk or sit and enjoy the view to the lake or the park. With the promenade, the garden moves up to the level of the living room and it connects all levels of the house with the garden.

2 verandas

The main house is a stony, concrete, hammer shaped volume over two levels, that contains the living rooms. In the upper part is the ‚public ‘living room for invitations and dining with a beautiful view over the lake of Zurich. On the ground level is the family lounge with an exterior patio that can be joined as one room with the living room. All the windows disappear and the inside and outside patio become one. That patio connects all bedrooms and is a lounge to sit together privately and watch a movie.

The circulations in and out of that space are controlled by concrete volumes at the ceiling that condense the space through mass and light and slow the circulation.

The two rooms are crossed above each other, at the ground floor level we pull a wooden curtain around the concrete volume to create the private sleeping quarters.

The upper living room has a shark fin like shape, so the space is very high at the back of the


设计事务所 Gus Wüstemann architects
地点 瑞士, 苏黎世
面积 1 100 平方米
摄影 Bruno Helbling




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地点: 瑞士, 苏黎世