Gazoline Petrol Station


该项目是由 Damilanostudio Architects 设计,位于意大利。钢筋混凝土的外观,封闭的玻璃墙,同时注重夜间照明。


The design of a service station is a strong reference to the idea of travel, short or long-distance routes interrupted only by a few stops and then back on the road.

A break for refueling, or just to stretch a bit ‘legs before continuing his journey.

With the same continuity, the service station is separated from the asphalt like a ribbon of road with the engine and wrapping around itself, creating a temporary volume to accommodate the traveler.

The tape then sink back into the ground to continue to other destinations.

The architecture of the service station, as usually conceived as a mere support function, thus acquires a shape.

The architecture, static by definition, becomes closely linked to the concept of continuous flow that envelops and becomes the urban landscape without interruption.

The shell reinforced concrete, cast in special molds fluidized is closed by glass walls.

Are distributed within the office manager and a self-service, separate bathrooms from the block in central position. On the rear elevation red steel block is detached from the body and a wolf howling, illuminated at night, draws attention to the urgent needs.


设计事务所 Damilanostudio Architects
地点 意大利, 库内奥
设计师 Duilio Damilano
面积 38 000 平方米
摄影 Andrea Martiradonna




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地点: 意大利, 库内奥