Remodelación del Mercado de Chamartín


该项目是由 espegel-fisac arquitectos 设计,位于西班牙巴伦西亚。半透明的玻璃面板配以轻金属框架作为建筑外立面。


This project is part of an overall modernization urban plan “Chamartín Market”, one of the most important of Madrid.

In the same way when it comes to value an object you framed or wrapped it with cellophane in order to emphasize it´s high quality, we propose an external intervention on the building, as a wrapper that allows to dignify the image of the market.

The project not only improves the image of the market by adding a new facade to the preexistence but extends to the cover and the inmediate urban enviroment (plot C / Bolivia 13). The chosen solution consists in a second skin separated from the current facade of translucent material. This new facade rests on the old cantiléver of the building by using a light metal construction as a support for the pieces of glass. These pieces are separated as in a lattice to allow ventilation and perspectives from the outside. At the plint of the building, which corresponds to the business premises on the street, we change the carpentries and the storefronts with a unifying criterion.

The cover, which is held in a second phase, is proposed as an area of high landscape quality. In order to achieve this solution, the existing machinery is removed from the front to the far side of the cover, to organize a continuous perimeter space to enjoy the best orientation and location in relation to the city. In this perimeter space it will be located the future restoration areas (school gourmet, culinary advice, library and gourmet restaurant) and the offices and meeting rooms. The facilities are grouped in the center of the cover closed with a vertical slats of noise protection wall, covered with a texture suggesting a cover vegetable garden. Furthermore, we propose an additional wing containing the kitchen service and toilets for these new intervention.

As for the main entrance, the lobby was remodeled to provide a wider space before the stairs creating the possibility to incorporate a new lift that links the two commercial plants with the entrance hall.

The materials used are: translucent glass panels (U-Glass) with a metalic stucture to support the facade, granite floors, sliding tempered glass doors for the main entrance and aluminum carpentries for the comercial area.


设计事务所 espegel-fisac arquitectos
地点 西班牙, 巴伦西亚
面积 4,600 平方米
摄影 Ángel Baltanás, José Ignacio Ferrando




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