Kovan Residences


该项目是由 ONG&ONG Pte Ltd 设计,位于新加坡。设计理念源自树叶,象征着新鲜,绿色,符合生态为主题。


Nestled in Kovan’s heartland, Kovan Residences differentiates itself by being a transition between suburban living in an eco-luxurious development that comes complete with an extensive array of facilities and amenities. The winning attribute of this moderately large development of 7 blocks of 16 storey apartments is its proximity to Kovan MRT station which is mere seconds away at its doorstep.

Concept of design was derived from an organic shape of a leaf which signifies freshness, a green environment. Besides the usual offerings of amenities, Kovan Residences has in addition two tennis courts, an outdoor cafe and a public accessible mini-mart. Residents can enjoy the tranquillity of outdoors right outside their units as lush greenery is landscaped at the linear park.

In line with the eco-theme, the tower blocks are oriented to capture and maximize views of the garden from the units. Green foliages are sliced between the MRT station and the development peripherals which conveniently double up as a buffer wall at the same time, adding aesthetic benefits.

Rising 16 storeys high, the residential blocks are designed to form a building edge along the central axis landscape corridor and become the backdrop from the garden. Energy consumption is dramatically reduced by strategically orienting the residential blocks towards Northwest-Southwest exposure. In this way, natural light is flushed into individual units as well as creating opportunities for residents to take advantage of natural ventilation.

All units are incorporated with balconies which are ideal for cultivating plants as well as enjoy panoramic views. The views are further enhanced as the living and dining areas are fitted with full height floor to ceiling windows.


设计事务所 ONG&ONG Pte Ltd
地点 新加坡




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 新加坡