72 Sentosa Cove


该项目是由 ONG&ONG Pte Ltd 设计,位于新加坡。设计师在实现空间最大化的同时,也考虑到了靠近周边建筑的房间的隐秘性设计。最终,室内空间面朝多功能的庭院成为建筑的循环中枢、进光口、通风排气口,当然,室内空间也成为设计的一个亮点。房子东西两侧单薄的墙面与南北两面宽阔的空间呈现出对比的效果。这样的设计可以调节自然采光,也可以帮助运行中的热循环系统通风换气。成排的倾斜屋顶能够提供更多的天窗。由于这里居住的是一对有小孩、有活力的夫妻,因此,这里还需要有一个小型的健身游泳池和训练室,从而保证全家的身体健康。


This is a home that can endure the tropical climate with minimal environmental impact, by tapping on available natural resources. Four levels make up the building, each catering to the family’s various social and entertainment needs while also accommodating each member’s individual need for solitude. Achieving space maximisation and privacy were also factored into this design, in view of the house’s close proximity to neighboring units. As a result, the internal spaces face inward into a multi-functional courtyard which acts as circulation pivot, light well and ventilation exhaust, while also serving as a visual focal point. Dense foliage also provides a natural means for additional privacy.

The building’s slimmer east and west facades are a contrast to the wide-open north and south ones. This regulates natural lighting and wind ventilation for efficient thermal circulation. A pitched roof, with its series of repeating slopes, also generates additional skylight openings. And let’s also not forget that this is first and foremost a home for an active couple and their kids. For this, a lap pool and training room ensure that their fitness needs are taken care of.


设计事务所 ONG&ONG Pte Ltd
地点 新加坡
摄影 Derek Swalwell




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地点: 新加坡