Abito Apartments Greengate


该项目是由 BDP 设计,位于英国曼彻斯特。该项目的经费紧张,强调钱要花在看得见、摸得着的地方,比如应用在材料和技术方面。在建筑的建造过程中使用了大量的混凝土、地板漆和镀锌金属板。设计的初衷是修建一栋朴实、对称、略有“朋克”风格的建筑,鉴于这样的设计初衷,设计师力求建造宽敞的空间和朴实的建筑外形,并采用低端技术和低廉材料。建筑师将建造重点放在了配件预先制作、建造能力和施工速度等方面。施工时,工程师运用隧道传输系统运输混凝土,建筑中央的公用设施是在德国预先制造完成后,才调运到工地,同样,阳台也在其他地方预先制作完成后,再用吊车安装至指定位置,每一个阳台的安装时间仅需要15分钟,还有那个能够抵御恶劣天气的顶棚,也是在一个(有风的)周日的下午,用吊车将其安装到庭院的顶部的。


The brief given to BDP was to design a new compact apartment scheme, which would deliver high quality design on a budget; to innovate and ‘test assumptions’.

The result was a modular apartment building, which has been designed from the inside out. The planning of each flat has been governed by two principles: the elimination of ‘dead space’ by overlapping functional areas; and the provision of a generous volume within each apartment.

The nine storey 256 apartment building fills the plot, pushing the apartments to the edge of the site, thereby creating a private, semi-external courtyard at its centre, protected from the weather by a translucent fabric canopy. Within the landscaped courtyard, occupants gain access to their flats via the central lift and stair and the galleries which connect each level.

The courtyard is also home to the residents’ post boxes, bike racks, recycling bins and twenty four hour concierge service, indeed everything required to make urban living more practical, convenient and sustainable.

Each apartment has a central services pod, which contains a bathroom, a utility cupboard, a kitchen and a wardrobe. The pod is made from precast concrete and largely fitted off-site.

The Abito concept is being transferred to other sites around England, s second scheme is on site in Salford and plans are currently being made to bring the brand to London and Bolton.


设计事务所 BDP
地点 英国, 曼彻斯特
设计师 Gavin Elliott & Jasper Sanders
摄影 © David Barbour/BDP & Martine Hamilton Knight




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地点: 英国, 曼彻斯特