The Dancing Loops


该方案是由 LOVE architecture and urbanism 设计,位于高雄市。同心圆结构是整个城市规划的核心,动态圆型结构遍布公园,桥梁,建筑等。



Dynamic, circular movements define the area of the new Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Pop Music Center (MPC).

This dynamic movement “absorbs” the urban environment into itself and whirls it into ever new combinations. Roofs become paths, parks become buildings, above becomes below…

The dynamic structure created by these overlapping rings becomes edifice, park, bridge, performance space, stage, terrace, and more The Dancing Loops.

Movement and time are frozen within the circle, where the opposite of the dynamic circular movement prevails.

This interplay of movement and concentration creates an inside and outside a world unto itself, with its own sense of time and scale, in the center of Kaohsiung. The surrounding town provides the ideal backdrop, as the visitor plunges into the alternate world of MPC Enter the Loops!

Urban Planning

With regard to urban planning, the Dancing Loops maintain the city’s concentric structure; they define the middle of this concentric structure, the center of inner Kaohsiung.

In this center, the Dancing Loops lie half on land and half on the harbor/sea and river, thereby binding these elements together within themselves.

The dancing loops – where city, sea and river meat

Experience and Event Concept

The attractions of the MPC will be distributed next to, below, or on top of the Dancing Loops, or they will be integrated within them.

Due to the concentric arrangement, as visitors move along the Dancing Loops, the other attractions and the surrounding town provide the backdrop for the event in which they are involved at any particular moment.

At four different points, both Loops meet the ground, thereby forming the entrances to the world of the MPC.

This creates a unique and exciting experience and event park a world unto itself, with an optimal staging of the individual attractions.

Performance and Pop Music Exhibition

The Performance Area and Pop Music Exhibition will be arranged together, thereby enabling maximum synergy.

The Small Performance Halls will be connected to the large one to form shared backstage and cloakroom areas.

Together they form a structure that will be integrated into the Dancing Loops. The lobbies and other adjoining rooms will be arranged around this central structure.

These lobbies merge into the Exhibition Area and also lead to the Outdoor Performance Area.

The result is a dynamic, multi-purpose Performance and Exhibition Area.

Maritime Exhibition Area

Harbor Wharf and Passenger Service

Music and Maritime Commercial Area

The Maritime Exhibition Area, Harbor Wharf & Passenger Service and Maritime Commercial Area will be incorporated within the levels of the Dancing Loops.

Sections of the buildings will project over the Loops and accentuate this area.

On the waterfront, where the shipping pier is also located, theme restaurants and cafes will be placed.

In the adjacent exteriors, on land and in the water, historic vessels and other maritime items will be exhibited. On land, these will be arranged in a topographically designed park that forms “grass waves”.

In this way, an innovative, intriguing Maritime Exhibition Area will be created.

Pop Music (Incubation) Industry Center

Music Commercial Area


The Commercial Area will be incorporated below the Dancing Loops, while the industrial areas will take the form of towers which project from the dancing loops.


设计事务所 LOVE architecture and urbanism
地点 台湾, 高雄




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 台湾, 高雄