该项目是由 Frank la Riviere Architectsinc 设计,位于日本青森县。这是一个低预算的私人住宅,独特的色差(橙色混凝土胶模板和桦木胶合板),增加了清晰度和色差感。


Constructed on a deep plot of land in Aomori prefecture, this low budget private residence would automatically be long stretched. Our response to this characteristic of the site was to explore a feel of openness and transparence. In the longitudinal direction from the entrance door the vista knits together the living room, dining area, the Japanese room and the garden in one view. All these major spaces are articulated by “in-between zones” in lateral direction that create the same kind of varying depth and visual measurability as in old Dutch paintings in which there are always a series of adjacent spaces visible that extend beyond the limit of the space.

These in-between zone do not only separate they also connect, like cross passages in the city, they are part of the circulation giving access to the functions in the service zone, such as the staircase to the second floor, the bathroom, storage and toilets. This is therefore not a house built out of separate rooms and corridors but rather of spaces that stand in direct relation with each other by means of transition zones, hence resulting in transparence of space.

Throughout the house the openness can be moderated by opening or closing sliding doors. By using color difference (orange concrete formwork plywood against Birch plywood) in the floor and changes in the ceiling the spaces are determined. Add to this the clarity of the module (900x900mm) used to give rhythm to the materials automatically strengthening the optically measurability of distances.


设计事务所 Frank la Riviere Architectsinc
地点 日本, 东京
设计师 Frank la Rivière
面积 site 349.67 m2 / building114.58 m2 / total surface 194 m2
摄影 Frank la Rivière




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地点: 日本, 东京