DS Constructions Private Limited 印度总部办公室


该项目是由 archohm 设计,位于印度。DS建设已成为印度领先的基础设施建设有限公司,整个办公室包括工作区,休息及服务区,会议区和会客区。艺术品的走廊是典型的办公室布局,另一边则是黑色的玻璃屏幕。会议室以白色内饰为主题,设计的重点是创造一个充满活力和开放的工作空间。


Over the years, D.S Constructions limited has emerged as one of the leading infrastructure companies in India and in fact, has been conferred the President of India’s “Building the Nation” Award in recognition of its contribution to the construction industry. Archohm was commissioned to design the interiors of their corporate office in Gurgaon.

The building shell comprised of nine floors spread across 6,000 sq.ft. One was dedicated for services and recreation spaces, one was allocated for entry, waiting and meeting areas, five for corporate workspaces and the top two were served as management floors. The brief was simple; ‘to reflect the company’s role and vision’. Archohm decoded it with a humane objective taking user experience to another level. From a dramatic construction entrance to an intimidating tunnel lined with interactive displays, the interiors of the office take the visitor through custom-designed experiential spaces.

Unlike a typical office layout, on entering, a person is led along a display corridor with artwork on one side and a black glass screen with television insets concealing a series of meeting rooms on the other. The meeting rooms are flexible in size and themed with colors within white interiors. Doubling up as a museum, this corridor has been designed to be bold and informative, enticing the visitor through its almost intimidating nature.

Every space in the building has been designed, keeping in mind the image and ethos of the client resulting in a highly user centric approach. Emphasis was laid on creating a vibrant and transparent work culture with open-plan layouts that are clubbed with exclusive, insulated management floors. Combining the corporate office requirements and design aesthetics, a top of the line environment is fashioned that exuberates both the power and the status of this corporate empire.


设计事务所 archohm
地点 印度, 诺伊达
设计师 Sourabh Gupta, Amit Sinha, D.D. Sharma, Amit Das, SP Gupta
面积 site 130895 sq. Feet / building 12632 Sq. Feet
摄影 Humayun Khan




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地点: 印度, 诺伊达