该方案是由 Nabito Architects & Partners 设计,位于意大利。


The design solution solves complex requirements of the contest responding to the needs provided by the client as well as our idea enlarges the vision of solutions not only making multifunctional building but also considering its open and closed spaces with the relation of urban fabric that has different characteristics.

In few words the project resolves a strategic urban node. The general idea ensures social sustainability, encouraging interaction with the surrounding areas attracting pedastrians to relaxation, commercial and accomodation areas thus creating economically sustainable intervention. The residential complex has the highest possible number of different typological groupings providing broader market, we guarantee the same quality of each unit and extreme flexibility in balancing the quantities of small, medium and large units. The environmental sustainability is guaranteed with correct amount of sunlight (to save the energy), masterly used materials and technologies that corresponds to class A.


设计事务所 Nabito Architects & Partners
地点 意大利
面积 9,295 m2




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 意大利