该项目是由 HEAD Architecture and Design Limited 设计,位于澳门。黑色和白色成为主色调,典雅而别致。


TARA MOOR is a contemporary jewellery design company that had sold their product through trade fairs and other people’s retail outlets.

HEAD was approached to create a branded concept that could be used as a benchmark for their first outlet in St. Mark’s Square at The Venetian and their subsequent retail roll out. Black and white were used to give a neutral back drop to the product, with the elegant detailing of the custom cabinetry, glazing and lighting used to imply the quality of the product. The rear wall signage is made up of back lit white acrylic cylinders that create a stark but memorable image of this young brand. Below the assorted display case designs, further items from the various jewellery ranges are arranged in layered pull out trays so that the customer can quickly be introduced to the full TARA MOOR collection without initially being overwhelmed by product or the store appearing too busy.


设计事务所 HEAD Architecture and Design Limited
地点 澳门
面积 700 sqft
摄影 Mike Atkin




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 澳门