该项目是由 Aedas 设计,位于迪拜。设计师试图打造一个现代伊斯兰建筑的外观,并且结构简单,合理的空间布局和注重成本效益。


1. Boulevard Plaza is the gateway into the Burj Khalifa development. The importance of the site is accentuated by being located immediately across the street from the tallest tower to-be in the world – the Burj Khalifa tower. The design strives to fit appropriately into this development as well as to be a respectful icon for the community.

The relationship of the forms and their articulation derive from a contextual response. The building is to be a symbol representing modern Islamic architecture set appropriately within the most modern Islamic city in the world –Dubai.

2. Despite the changing curved form of the building section, the units are modularized to standard layouts for simple construction, rational space and cost efficiency.

- The modern façade’s Islamic patterns not only offer a contextual symbolism but they also act as a sun screen, which significantly reduces heat loads from the intense Dubai sunlight, thus reducing energy consumption produced by mechanical loads.

- Over-sailing façades cantilever up to 5meters offering shade to the East and West elevations which contain a more transparent glass than the North and South patterned facades.

- The Podium is an open air structure with natural ventilation and fans for air flow circulation.

The open façade is clothed with patterned metallic screens in between a monolithic colonnade that reflects the Islamic motif.

3. Façade glazing exceeds minimum required shading coefficients

-Reduces mechanical loads and consumption

-Heat resistant materials

-Majority of skin facing North

-Reduces solar gain

-Small percentage of frontage to the West

-Façade over sails act as sun shades for Eastern and Western exposed facades.

-Floor plate tapers to reduce depth of office space from façade

-More natural light acquired

-Less electrical loads necessary

-The design considers the structural efficiency by pushing shear walls to the outside of the corridor, therefore widening the structural base and reducing the span between the core and the façade. This effectively reduces the structural depth and construction materials required for the structural members, thereby reducing the embedded energy consumed. The larger core allows pressure to be transferred to the foundation over a larger footprint thus reducing quantities of concrete.

-Water features along roof landscaped areas allow cool natural cooling for users

-Soft landscape on roof surfaces to minimize solar gain

4. Both towers point toward the main entry to greet the visitors. As one continues into the site, the towers rotate their orientation as a gesture of respect to the lofty neighbour across the street. The two towers of 42 and 34 floors contain grade A+ office space, looking out to take advantage of the views toward and around the Burj Khalifa. The towers are clothed with an articulated skin recalling the veils and layers of traditional Islamic architecture. As the figures rise, they bend inwards, forming two deep, shadowed arches up to the sky and beyond – toward the top of the Burj Khalifa.


设计事务所 Aedas
地点 阿联酋, 迪拜
设计师 Andrew Bromberg




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