该项目是由 ABIBOO Architecture 设计,位于印度钦奈,包括八个靠近海滩的豪华别墅。典型的传统中央庭院在这里被很好的诠释,双面通风的结构很适合印度炎热的天气。


The project consists of 8 luxury villas located in a privileged plot close to the beach on the south-eastern coast of India. Each villa design is a reinterpretation of Vastu traditional houses where the typical central patio becomes here a double-height infinity pool located on the first floor. The rest of the rooms are organized along this central monumental space looking to different directions towards un-obstructive views to the sea. The building massing strategy also allows double-side ventilations and self-shadowing which is a critical factor in the hot weather of Southern India. The pool is presented as a perforated box that allows the light to come inside creating a dramatic space that gives a sense of grandeur and solemnity. The program of each villa includes the common areas at the ground floor, the temporal spaces at the first floor with a direct relationship with the pool and the bedrooms at the top floor. The 8 villas are located overlapping each other to ensure views from each single villa.


设计事务所 ABIBOO Architecture
地点 印度, 钦奈
设计师 Alfredo Muñoz, Emiliano D´Incecco, Juanjo Ortega, Zainab Ibrahim
面积 plot 25.000 sq. ft / build up 45.000 sq. ft




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地点: 印度, 钦奈