该项目由 Torafu Architects 完成的展览设计,位于日本。


This is a design for an exhibition “Furin-saisai”, one of the events of “MIDTOWN LOVES SUMMER 2012”, held every summer at Tokyo Midtown. Approximately 800 wind chimes from all over Japan, consisting of 306 different types of chimes from 36 production bases in 28 prefectures are exhibited throughout the first floor to the third floor to the theme of “the Coolness of a Japanese Summer.”

A wide variety of wind chimes are hung and divided one by one within a three dimensional lattice. We had imagined that people would enjoy seeing each chime individually focused, in the same way as if when they are seen inside a specimen box.

On the first floor, we had made a three-dimensional lattice like a folding screen, while on the second floor, we had brought the lattice together to create a large timber mass through which people can walk and also sit on. On the third floor, we hung wind chimes on the beams of scaffold towers that remind us of those typically seen at Japanese summer festivals, so that people can enjoy different sounds at each tower. By changing the forms of the timber structures and providing different characteristics to each floor, we had planned the exhibition to be a trigger for people to walk through the Galleria.

We have focused this installation to allow the different cooling sounds of the wind chimes fill the Galleria as they are touched.


Structural Design: Takashi Manda Structural Design

Production: NAKATEN

Credit: Producer: POMATO PRO

Building Site: Tokyo Midtown Galleria

Design Period: 2012.06-07

Construction Period: 2012.07.18-2012.07.19

Photo: Fuminari Yoshitsugu


设计事务所 Torafu Architects
地点 日本
摄影 Fuminari Yoshitsugu




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目录: 建筑, 展览
地点: 日本