Videotron Flagship Store


该项目是由 Sid Lee Architecture and RCAA 设计,位于加拿大蒙特利尔的一个独特的,前卫的 Videotron 旗舰店。


Montreal, November 23, 2010 – Today is the day Videotron opens its new flagship store, a unique, avant-garde business space in the heart of downtown Montreal. The instore environment is the collaborative work of Sid Lee Architecture, Sid Lee, the Videotron team, and a number of partner suppliers. They are pleased to invite the public to experience their original concept, which combines multimedia, branding, and commercial architecture with rarely seen panache.

The space will offer an all-new experience in an environment Videotron customers will feel right at home in. “Like Videotron’s brand and Sid Lee’s campaigns,” said Martin Leblanc, Sid Lee architect and partner, “shopping in the store will feature a graphics-oriented environment putting content front and centre.”

In less than 10 months, Sid Lee Architecture and its partners came up with the concept and completed Videotron’s crown jewel—the place where it will present its full product range. The store provides a compelling example of the impact and brand consistency of the 360 degree approach used by Sid Lee, which also developed Videotron’s website and advertising campaigns and handled its branding work.

Sid Lee masterminded this bold, creative project by bringing an entire team of experts together in the multidisciplinary pursuit of an ultimate goal: bringing the brand to life with new interactive ways of showcasing the products in this highly competitive sector.

For Videotron’s new window on Sainte-Catherine, Sid Lee Architecture remade the building fa?ade and three floors. The experience brings together Videotron’s full range of services in finely integrated video and interactivity within the store space. A towering textured glass fa?ade is brought to life with dynamic lighting that bears witness to Sainte- Catherine Street’s bustling intensity.

A dazzling animated staircase—the first in North America—greets customers as they enter the store. Counters with dynamic, interactive tops present Videotron’s many products and services using technology custom-created for the company for integration into the shopping experience. Glass cylinders suspended above the entrance embody Videotron technology and plunge customers into the brand’s world. Around them, brand colours are used directly through materials like brick and glass.


室内设计 Sid Lee Architecture and RCAA
地点 加拿大




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 加拿大