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该项目是由 Sid Lee Architecture 设计,位于加拿大蒙特利尔。这是一家传媒集团办事处,宽阔的中央办公空间让人联想到城市的公共广场。


The project consisted in relocating the offices of Groupe Attraction Media and regrouping the following divisions of the company under one roof without dissipating their respective identities: Jet Films, Bubble Television, Cirrus Communications, Delphis Films, La Cavalerie and Attraction Media.

The project covered an area of 37,000 square feet. Inspired by urban landscapes, the chosen concept saw the office transform into a small-scale city, complete with neighbourhoods, plazas, streets and perspectives.

The various divisions of Groupe Attraction Media were transformed into so-called neighbourhoods, each boasting its own design and colour code. Every office is located near a large central space (reminiscent of a public plaza in the city). A bistro in the heart of this space welcomes employees working in the six surrounding offices. The design of each space was inspired by the activities of the division it houses. Finally, the spaces boast unobstructed views of the cityscape, the Olympic Stadium and the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. Our architectural challenge was to accommodate the various needs of the different companies with a limited budget and to structure a space of this size all the while respecting the personal identity of each company.


室内设计 Sid Lee Architecture
地点 加拿大
面积 gross floor +/- 40 000 sq.ft.
摄影 Sid Lee




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地点: 加拿大